With the beginning of the summer and the rainy season, Ibb shines like a groom over a green carpet. Admirers have come from many different places to enjoy its charming beauty and to share in its happiness as it prepares to welcome its guests.

Coinciding with the revival of tourism in Yemen and amidst the preparations for the tourist festival in Ibb, the inauguration of the Seventh Tourism Festival, which is being held in the al-Sayeda Arwa region, was approved on Tuesday, August 04, 2009.

The inauguration was directed by Dr. Ameen Gozailan, the head of the tourism office, and Mr. Ameen Ali al-Warafi, the secretary general of the local council in Ibb, and was attended by some well-respected public figures and a number of tourists from various Gulf countries.

The inauguration began by the opening of the tourist village, the most important and distinguished feature of the Seventh Tourist Festival.

The tourist village includes a variety of sections, not the least of which is the Popular Folklore section, which provides a comprehensive overview of many basic traditions and customs. It includes a number of popular dresses and costumes which are used in a variety of social occasions such as the “Tafruta” (also known as “Dheefa” in Ibb) or the “Hummadah” (the celebration after a woman gives birth). The section also includes displays of common handicrafts that reflect the rich Yemeni heritage, such as the “Janbiya”, “Aseeb”, “Shawls”, and other local hand-made clothes. Additionally, boys and girls from the handicapped association and other charitable associations participate in shows representative of traditional weddings. The children’s performance is thoroughly satisfying and creatively depicts a clear and simple picture of life in the Ibb governorate.

The tourist village includes other sections which opened on Thursday, August 06, 2009, such as the dress showcase section, the sculptures and pictures exhibition, the handicrafts exhibition, and the leather tanning mill.

During the formal inauguration on Thursday all the participants gave fresh performances which highlighted the tourist features of this city that captures the imagination.