Seychelles Tourism Board welcomed article in world press about carnivals


The Seychelles Tourism Board has welcomed the article that has circulated the world last week about the top carnivals. Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, said that Seychelles decided to join the world of carnivals to increase visibility of the islands in the four corners of the world.

The tourism Board’s News Bureau rose to this challenge by flooding foreign news organizations with regular press releases about the islands’ drive to get its 2011 Carnival off the ground. Today, even before the launch of the first edition of the country’s carnival, Seychelles is seeing such positive results for its first “Carnaval Internationale de Victoria”, it is already being hailed as having the potential of being one of the top carnivals of the world.

Writer Leo Cordiner, who assesses and comments on world carnivals, wrote last weekend that Rio de Janiero, Brazil, has a well-deserved reputation as host of the biggest carnival celebration in the world, but there were other great places for a memorable carnival experience. Mr. Cordiner is part of the WHL Group, one of the largest travel companies in the world that helps travelers find unique ways to experience a destination. He cited Seychelles as one of the “top five places” for a carnival carouse, outside of giant Brazil. The other four are Malta and Gozo, Kvarner (Croatia), Madeira (Portugal), and Orura (Bolivia).

Mr. Cordiner wrote that nowhere else on Earth are carnivals organized as grand in scale as in Brazil. In fact, all over Brazil, wild and massive celebrations compete for the carnival spotlight.

This, he noted, makes it easy to forget that carnival is celebrated with the same passion and gusto in many other parts of the world as well! Mr. Cordiner thinks the Seychelles’ theme – “The Melting Pot of Cultures” – is very fitting, given the rich blend of influences and traditions that characterize the Seychelles Islands. He said this high-profile event, which is taking place from March 4-6 in Victoria, should achieve its aim of portraying the islands as a premier international destination.

No doubt, the article has boosted the spirit of the Seychelles Tourism Board who initiated the event and is the main organizer. Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Tourism Board and eTurboNews Ambassador, Alain St.Ange, said this week it is an honor to be recognized among the top places in the world for a carnival even if they had not organized their first edition yet. “This is good news, and we want to deliver a high-profile event, which will justify the credits we are getting now,” he said, adding that the whole of the Tourism Board team are working hard to make the “Carnival International de Victoria” a success.

Mr. St.Ange said people all over the world are picking up news on the Seychelles’ carnival because of the good work of the Seychelles News Bureau to disseminate information on all things happening in the tourism arena and to bring more visibility on Seychelles. Press releases are issued daily on the carnival and both overseas, and local staff are also answering queries from travel agents who want to organize special packages for travel during the carnival period.

“The press is a powerful tool in marketing, and today we are marketing our carnival to the world. So many news wires are picking up our press releases and passing them on. We are succeeding in getting the kind of visibility that we want,” Mr. St.Ange said.

With 20 days left to the carnival, over 15 countries and five world organizations have confirmed their participation for the event, which is poised to change the month of March in Seychelles.