Seychelles Bureau of Statistics reports continued growth in visitor arrival numbers


The Seychelles Statistical Bulletin dated February 6 is recording a continued growth in the Seychelles visitor arrival numbers when compared to January of 2010. Last year, the Seychelles recorded its best year in visitor arrival numbers, and the latest statistical bulletin is now showing a further growth of 12% for the month of January when compared to January 2010.

The Seychelles depends on its tourism industry, and Seychelles President James Michel is himself personally responsible for that important portfolio that is referred to as the pillar of the Seychelles economy. The CEO of the country’s tourism industry is Alain St.Ange, the known tourism personality who was brought in when the Seychelles government entered into a public/private sector partnership when the world economic difficulties became apparent in 2009.

Alain St.Ange, with the support of the tourism industry’s association, launched many innovative approaches that have now shown to have paid off. He empowered Seychellois Nationals to be key players in his marketing drive saying that they promoted Seychelles with their heart instead of the position being just a job.

Seychelles has moved from promoting itself just as an upmarket tourist destination to saying that it was affordable to all pockets, because the islands have a range of accommodation establishments priced for every pocket. Seychelles surprised all critics with its remodeling of its economy alongside the IMF and World Bank. It moved from being seen as just a sun, sea, and sand holiday destination to one promoting events and niche markets even though it has the renowned best white sandy beaches and is known to be the land of perpetual summer, as it has no winter.