Eastern African Standby Force to exercise in South Sudan


(eTN) – Information was just received that the Eastern African Standby Force has agreed to hold an exercise later in the year in South Sudan, most likely soon after independence has become a reality.

Key member states of the group are, of course, also members in the East African Community, which itself, as in more recent times, created a military standby brigade composed of units from the presently 5 members.

The move, according to a reliable source, is giving further indication that the new Republic of South Sudan will be seeking the closest possible ties with her East African neighbous and sees their economic future in the south rather than the other direction.

Sources in South Sudan’s capital city, Juba, have meanwhile termed the shooting of a cabinet minister and his body guard yesterday as a “criminal offense with no connections to politics” after the driver of the minister apparently forced his way into the office before shooting both. The killer, notably an in-law of the minister, appears to have harbored personal grievances for some time before all senses left him, and he decided to take out his anger and frustration with a gun.

Said the same source: “Please tell that security in South Sudan is good, there is no change about that. This was an individual crime, which we shall punish accordingly. Visitors need not fear, as we provide good security in Juba and the South Sudan.”