ASTA chooses to stay mum about Egypt

Like the other contributors, American Society of Travel Agents president Tony Gonchar was asked for a response. The objective was to provide an American perspective to the mix.

Unfortunately, after days of numerous e-mail exchanges, the lack of response boiled down to the fact that Mr. Gonchar was headed for the airport and could not comment on the matter.

I asked ASTA’s vice-president of Communications, Kristina Rundquist this: “Is there any more pressing issue in the world other than Egypt?”

She answered: “It’s not an issue of pressing, because you’re right, Egypt is HUGE right now, rather that ASTA is historically extremely cautious about commenting on socio-political unrest.”

In fairness to ASTA, the Skål International and the Pacific Asia Travel Association also did not return eTN’s request for comments.