Police comb Moscow railway stations for explosives


MOSCOW – Moscow police on Sunday were combing city’s nine railway stations for explosives after receiving a telephoned bomb threat two weeks after a suicide bomber killed 36 people at a Moscow airport.

AFP reports that an unidentified man called police saying bombs had been laid at three of Moscow’s nine railway stations and they would soon go off, a transport police spokeswoman said.

“He did not identify the three railway stations and a decision was made to evacuate Yaroslavsky, Leningradsky and Kazansky railway stations,” Tatyana Agapova, spokeswoman for transport police for the Central Federal District that includes Moscow, told AFP.

She added that police were also searching the other six stations for explosives.

Moscow has been on edge since a suicide bomber wreaked carnage at its biggest airport Domodedovo killing 36 and wounding more than 150 on January 24, the second bombing attack with heavy casualties in the capital in less than a year.

Authorities called on Muscovites to be vigilant and Agapova said transport police had been receiving bomb threats nearly daily in the past two weeks. But Sunday was the first time since the airport attack that police had to check all nine railway stations simultaneously, she said.