Tanzania resorts accused of littering and pollution


(eTN) – The Zanzibar Association of Tour Operators (ZATO) has made a range of allegations towards a number of resorts and private residences along the island’s beaches, during the recently-concluded annual general meeting (AGM). The association asked government to take corrective action against open disposal of rubbish, littering, and pollution of the ocean’s water through the discharge of untreated runoff water and sewage from resorts, hotels, and private residences located ocean front.

ZATO reportedly now has 37 full members and is a designated counterpart in the dialogue between government and the private sector, facilitating the regular exchange of views and working hand in hand to achieve orderly growth for the sector. The AGM was formally opened in the presence of the Zanzibari Vice President in a show of support for the organization and to commit future cooperation at the highest levels of government.