A new ethical rating website to name and shame luxury hotels which exploit Australian workers and destroy the environment was launched on Thursday.

An initiative of hotel workers union the LHMU, The First Star website — www.thefirststar.com.au — is aimed to be a tool for travelers and workers to push for social change.

LHMU national secretary Louise Tarrant said she was confident the public would back the scheme.

“People value quality, but not off the back of exploitation or at the expense of environment,” she said, adding hotel workers were often among the most poorly paid in Australia and deserved better working conditions.

Tarrant said the scheme would compile customer and worker experiences at luxury hotels, as well as consulting industry groups and environmental groups.

“We shall then report online all hotels that commit to clear and transparent processes and we shall encourage supporters to use preferred hotels,” she said.

Australian Conservation Foundation climate change campaigner Phil Freeman said hotels should work with their staff to reduce energy and water consumption.

“Our natural icons like the Great Barrier Reef and tens of thousands of tourism jobs that depend on them are at risk if we let climate change spiral out of control,” he said.