The number of Kuwaiti tourists visiting Jordan increased rapidly within the last five months, up eight percent compared to the same period last year, a Jordanian official said on Tuesday.
Head of the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB), Naif Al-Fayez, told KUNA that his country was eager to receive more Kuwaiti tourists in the future, revealing that 32,000 Kuwaiti tourists visited Jordan in the last five months.

Similar cultural values and the eagerness of the two states to bolster tourist cooperation is attributed to the increase in the number of Kuwaitis choosing Jordan as their holiday destination, stated Al-Fayez, who added that relations between Kuwait and Jordan were improving tremendously by each year.

The official affirmed that Jordan was focused on attracting tourists, especially Arabs, noting that although one would think that Arab tourists were well-informed about the historical treasures and tourist sites in Jordan, this was often not the case, and this in turn made Jordan determined to showcase to the rest of the Arab world what this country had to offer.
He stressed that the numbers of Arab tourists were increasing, noting that around 1.9 million Arab tourists visited Jordan in the first part of this year.

JTB was established in 1998 as an independent institution aimed at bettering the tourist scene in Jordan through media campaigns showcasing the different spheres of tourism in the country.