JAL and American Airlines begin joint fare sales


TOKYO, Japan – Japan Airlines (JAL) and American Airlines (American) today announced the implementation of the next phase of their joint business through joint selling in Japan beginning Feb. 1, 2011. The two airlines have more closely coordinated most of their Business Class and Economy Class carrier-filed fares for North America-bound flights originating from Japan effective April 1, 2011 – the day the airlines commence their trans-Pacific joint business.

As a result of the two airlines’ tighter relationship and closer coordination, it will now be easier for customers to benefit from carrier-filed discount fares for itineraries using both airlines, as well as a combination of different classes of service. Some, but not all, combinations of carrier-filed fares within Economy Class will also now be available.

Previously, it was much more difficult and expensive to combine itineraries between airlines or when the class of service was not the same for a round trip due to restrictions which limited carrier-filed discount fares to the use of a single airline’s flights or to one class of service. The closer cooperation and commencement of joint selling announced today enables customers greater access to lower fares and provides them many more choices when making travel arrangements.

Through American’s route network in North America, JAL will increase the number of destinations available for sale to some 200 cities in that region which American continues to sell. Similarly, in the near future from North America, the joint business is expected to increase the number of Asian destinations that American can sell, and that JAL will continue to sell. Customers originating in Japan will have a greater opportunity to access lower fares to more destinations as a result of today’s announcement.