Saudi Travel and Tourism Investment Market coming to Riyadh in March


(eTN) – Following three successful sessions during 2008, 2009, and 2010, the Saudi Travel and Tourism Investment Market (STTIM) will take place for the fourth year in Riyadh city, the capital of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, between March 27-31, 2011 at the Riyadh International Exhibition Center.

STTIM will cover all travel and tourism investment aspects in Saudi Arabia through a combined conference and exhibition aiming to present and promote investment opportunities and tourism services and products.

With full support from the Saudi government and the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA), and with local and international exhibitors form the travel and tourism industry, STTIM is set to promote the Saudi tourism brand locally and internationally and provide a suitable environment for travel and tourism professionals to become acquainted with a productive sector of the national economy.

Encouraging factors for investment in Saudi Arabia:
Travel and tourism investment factors in Saudi Arabia are spread between the various extensive and diverse geographic regions of the country. The strength of the Saudi economy as the largest oil exporter and the largest oil reserve in the world, stands alongside the country’s reserves for other natural resources.

Religious tourism is at home with both the holy mosques at Makkah and Medina where tens of millions of Muslim pilgrims visit Saudi Arabia every year. The coastal regions of Jeddah in the west and Dammam in the east are also tourism magnets. Purchasing power in Saudi Arabia has risen due to the increase in liquidity as a result of the record increase of oil returns that allow numbers of citizens between the ages of 25-40 to invest in the stock market, and the number of companies listed in the market has increased, along with the diversity and growth of the population in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia where education has increased and unemployment has decreased.

These are all encouraging factors for investment in Saudi Arabia where there has been political stability and security over the past 76 years. The kingdom has been witness to a huge development phase, as well as a comprehensive renaissance in the economic, social, educational, cultural, and medical fields, all reflecting positively on its citizens and contributing to the reformation of awareness, raising the standard of living and social status, as well as reinforcing the ability to cope and adapt to global developments, advances, and variables. Investment in tourism is a great benefit to the national economy in general and for Saudi citizens in particular.

The STTIM will present many tourism sights during the exhibition and conference that are ready for development and investment in coastal, mountain, and desert destinations, as well as a number of villages.

Objectives and purpose for STTIM:
STTIM provides a unique and effective opportunity and venue for the entire travel and tourism industry of the kingdom to get together and conduct business. This events will help integrate the disparate sectors of the tourism industry by taking a holistic or total approach to the industry, rather than focusing only on individual sectors .

STTIM will focus on the Saudi tourism industry by showcasing it as a major destination and by raising the profile of the tourism industry as an important contributor to the kingdom’s economy.

Participation and exhibiting companies at STTIM:
Local and international companies will be represented at the event from hotels, resorts, furnished apartments, luxury resorts, timeshare services, property developers, holiday homes, banking and financial services, telecom and communication services, tourism information technology services, travel agencies, tour operators, cruise lines, yachts and marina services, scuba transport services, membership and concierge services, luxury properties, travel services, conference and exhibition venues and organizers, cultural events and fairs, sports and adventure, and traditional handicraft vendors.

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