Hawaii tour boat set on fire twice by protesters


Just weeks after arsonists destroyed a shark-tour boat in Haleiwa, Hawaii,
a company’s second vessel went up in flames early Monday morning.

Oahu’s famed North Shore is also home of eTurboNews.
It contains the planet’s highest concentration of world-class surfing spots. Small beach towns nestle along the shore and offer lovely spots from which to watch the surf. Historic Hale’iwa is the hub.

This peaceful setting is now in the middle of a major controversy.
One of the most exciting tours is to swim with the sharks. Participants will will come face to face with sharks that a normally not seen.
Tourists be safe with the plexi-glass surrounded cages. It will give a feeling to be there with the sharks in the sea.

Shark Cage diving tours will give the privilege of encountering Sandbar, Galapagos and Gray Reef sharks. Occasionally people come across Tiger and Hammerhead sharks as well as dolphins, sea turtles and other marine life.

Environmental organizations have strong opposition.
Two times within a week wire was set to shark tour boats The last fire happened just after midnight at Haleiwa Harbor.

Fire crews extinguished the fire within a few minutes.Fire investigators determined the fire was intentionally set.
Fire officials turned the case over to the Honolulu Police Department.
The damage estimate was $225,000, Honolulu Fire Department officials said.

Earlier this month, the boat Kailolo was burned in the harbor.
The boat, owned by the North Shore Shark Adventures, was used for shark feeding tours. Fire officials determined that fire was intentionally set.
The owner of the boats told Hawaii TV KITV4 he will be ready if someone tries
to burn his vessels again.

The tours have been controversial because some residents worried they would lure sharks close to shore.