Dive to the Titanic by submersible vehicle


In what will probably be the last commercial opportunity to view what is arguably the most famous ship in the world, the luxury operator “Luxury and More Travel” is offering the chance to take one of the world’s undoubtedly most fantastic journeys.

On the night of April 14, 1912, a clear moonless night in the north Atlantic, the world’s most famous and largest passenger liner, labeled “unsinkable” by its owners, the White Star Line, struck an iceberg at 11:40 pm. At 2:17 am Titanic’s huge stern heaved up into the air, where she broke apart, and began her plunge to the ocean floor some two-and-a-half miles below. On that ride of death to her final resting place, she took with her 1,558 passengers and crew still clinging to her decks. The lifeboats had departed with only 650 persons aboard, and with only 55 people surviving the icy waters of the north Atlantic, the number saved from over 2,200 souls on board was only 705 persons.

Luxury and More Travel, the high-end luxury operator who supplies purpose-made luxury travel and self-drive in Australia and New Zealand, together with other special products, will give its clients booking this incredible journey a special item of Titanic tableware china, exclusively reproduced by the original manufacturers of Titanic’s original china for her “A la Carte Dining Room,” as a memento of their journey of a lifetime. For more information on this unrepeatable opportunity contact david@luxuryandmoretravel.com .