Destination news: Cattle invade Serengeti


(eTN) – The globally-renowned Serengeti National Park (SENAPA) cannot get out of the news lately. More bad stories have emerged, this time over a cattle invasion that occurred last week. Rangers impounded over 200 heads of cattle being driven into the park by villagers and herdsmen, ostensibly in search of pasture for the livestock, but still in contravention of park rules. Arguments are now said to be ongoing between the cattle owners and SENAPA over the return of the animals, which by Tuesday were still being held.

According to a TANAPA source, the area is notorious for poaching incursions, and it was pointed out to this correspondent that poachers could easily disguise themselves as cattle herders. They would then kill elephant or other protected game under the cover of darkness or when no aerial surveillance was seen nearby, making it necessary to react swiftly and decisively to any sort of illegal entry and intrusion into the park.