Le Sutra wins Indian Most Unique Hotel Award


MUMBAI, India – Le Sutra is the only hotel based on philosophy and the first Indian Art Hotel in the world. On a glittering night, the IHEA (Indian Hospitality Excellence Awards) felicitated the best from the India’s Hospitality and Travel industry where Le Sutra was declared “India’s Most Unique Hotel.” The award celebrated excellence and recognized the spirit of innovation.

“Our uniqueness lies in the hotel being a virtual art installation where every element narrates a story from Indian ethos. Here you could live in the rooms of Ravana, Karna, or Buddha as comfortable and plush as any five star. Truly as one of our taglines goes, it is a place for the body, mind, and soul and the award has justified it,” said Mitali Bajaj, Head, Dr. Art + Design, the design studio that created Le Sutra.

Conceptualization and detailing has gone into every aspect of this hotel where the arty interiors, wood work, tapestry, art works, inlays, and sculpture has been researched, themed, and specially commissioned in contemporary style.

Le Sutra Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., with its portfolio of hotels and restaurants including Out of the Blue, Indian Art Café, Masalah Mafia, and Dusk, is looking to take the company pan India. “The brand gives any property a certain significance in the city of its placement with the talking point of art and local culture attracting a niche clientele. The concept is scalable where regional art will form the creative plinth leading to additional ARRs. The restaurants as part of the hotel or individually with their art and event concept lead to increasing footfalls,” said Ranjan Gupta, Head Operations, Le Sutra, who received the award.

Having appealed to travel agents and hospitality personal, the enviable Le Sutra plans to franchise out the concept of Art hotels to different parts of the country with the option of only branding or branding and management. “To any 40 to 60 room hotel in a good city, Le Sutra brings the opportunity of being the most talked about property in the city at not too much of an additional cost,” added Gupta.