Uganda borders on high alert


UGANDA (eTN) – At least three Somalis, considered suspicious according to an existing terror warning list, were arrested on New Year’s Eve as they tried to enter into Uganda from Kenya. It is understood that they were also in possession of most likely forged travel documents triggering instant alarm among immigration and security staff at the border.

Overland busses, since the recent explosion of a parcel in Nairobi on a Uganda-bound bus, are now searched intensely, as are saloon cars and trucks, in terms of passengers’ identities and all things carried, to ensure that the country remains safe.

Security organizationss throughout the holidays remained on high alert at airports and land borders, and even lakes bordering neighboring countries are now subject to higher levels of surveillance and patrols. Hence, Ugandans enjoyed a peaceful New Year, aided by the direct security measures put into place in restaurants and hotels across the country.