Largest airport in Moscow shuts down


Moscow airport Domodedovo, that was shut down for 15 hours after icy rain cut off the electricity, will resume normal operations by the end of day.

Currently all aircraft, scheduled for Domodedovo are being re-directed to Sheremet’yevo Airport.

Press director of the Moscow united electric utility company ([MOESK]) Vitaliy Strugovets told Vesty TV channel: “At the session of operational staff was set the priority task of restoring the power supply to Domodedovo airport. This must occur by the end day.”

According to , there are no lights in Domodedovo since 9:20am. The electricity shut down because of the damage electric power lines.

RIA News reports that besides Domodedovo airport, shut down of electrical illumination are observed in a number of places in Moscow and Moscow region. Stop lights do not work, the motion of streetcars and trolley buses is hindered because of the breaks of overhead electric transport power lines. About three hundred thousand residents of the Moscow area remain without electricity.

Such massive emergency was caused by the trees falling on power lines. Extraordinary situation occurred in the capital region because of the icy rain, which left the city covered with ice.