Platma – innovation at the service of tourism


The new digital platform of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Affiliate Members will arrive, with the official presentation of “platma” to take place during the seminar, “Innovative solutions applied to the development of the tourism sector,” on January 20, 2011 in the context of the Madrid International Tourism Fair (FITUR). Platma is the concrete result of UNWTO’s efforts to utilize advanced technologies that facilitate and foster the exchange of information between the public and private sectors of world tourism.

Created with the support of Spain’s State Company for Tourism Technology and Innovation Management (SEGITTUR), platma is a technological platform that will foster open dialogue and stimulate collaboration, as well as the exchange of experiences, opinions, and knowledge among UNWTO Affiliate Members. Serving as an invaluable meeting point, it will enhance the quality of dialogue with the objective of putting forward debates and solutions for the tourism of tomorrow.

In addition, the forthcoming seminar, held annually by the UNWTO Affiliate Members in the context of FITUR, will present innovative projects and experiences that have resulted from the effective use of technology applied to the development of tourism products and services, charting the best course for the tourism sector as a whole. “Innovative solutions applied to the development of the tourism sector” will provide an opportunity for productive discussions on technology, innovation, and participation in the world of tourism through platforms, products, and practical initiatives that prove effective in improving the tourism experience and the competitiveness of organizations.

UNWTO is unique within the United Nations system, in that its membership embraces not only governments, but also non-governmental stakeholders, with over 400 Affiliate Members from 80 countries significantly enriching the work of the organization through their invaluable knowledge, experience, and innovation.


In keeping with platma’s objective of sharing information and knowledge, the seminar will be broadcast via Internet streaming through the website . Platma’s hallmark is added value, which it will provide on a permanent basis following its official launch through forums, videoconferences, and other multimedia tools offered by this platform of the UNWTO.

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WHEN: January 20, 2011
WHERE: FITUR – IFEMA, rooms N 101 and N 102, Madrid, Spain
TIME: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

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Additional information:; +34 91 5678 167 / 100.