Destination news: New island national park planned for Tanzania in 2011


(eTN) – A new national park is in the making on an island just off the lakeside municipality of Mwanza in Tanzania, the proverbial stone’s throw away from the town. If the government goes through with the declaration, the new Saa Nane Island will become the 16th national park across the country and raise the marketability of Mwanza considerably as an upcoming tourism destination.

Already connected by airlines to Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Dar es Salaam, and other popular tourism destinations like Zanzibar, Mwanza has so far been under explored by foreign tourists, a situation the Tanzania Tourist Board intends to change. The upcoming national park has, in the past, been a forest and nature reserve and has been a popular get away for the locals in recent years. It is understood from a source in Arusha that the park would be the smallest in the country with less than a square kilometer in size but nevertheless rich in birdlife and selected species of gazelles.