Italian tour operators meet in Milan for a Seychelles evening


The main Italian tour operators and press rallied at the end of last week at the Four Seasons Hotel in Via Gesu 9 in Milan for a Seychelles Evening organized to close the year 2010. The Italian tour operators had traveled to Milan from as far as Rome, Sardinia, and Florence to join their Milan-based conterparts to hear about the recent developments in the tourism industry in the Seychelles. Monette Rose, the Seychelles Tourism Board’s Manager for Italy, had organized the meeting and sit-down dinner for her tour operator partners and press to be updated on the positive changes taking place in the Seychelles and for her to say a thank you to them all for their loyalty and ongoing support. The evening was also attended by Mr. Antonio Rolfini, the Honorary Consul for the Seychelles in Milan, and by Mrs. Franca Rolfini.

Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board and eTurboNews ambassador, said that Seychelles was thankful for the unconditional support being received from Italy tour operators and press from Italy. Mr. St.Ange said the the Seychelles Tourism Manager based in Rome would never have been able to reconsolidate the Seychelles presence in Italy had she not been fully supported in her initiatives.

“Seychelles is today set to continue to record growth in visitor arrival numbers from Italy. Air access issues are being addressed, and the only reason for the slight drop in Italian visitors who traveled to Seychelles in 2010 will not exist in 2011,” Alain St.Ange said as he explained that Air Seychelles was increasing its flights from Italy to three a week, over and above the increased in flight numbers from Italy by Emirates and Qatar Airways.

Alain St.Ange also took the opportunity to bring out explanations on the “Seychelles brand” of tourism, which he said was launched by President James Michel recently. He said that even though Seychelles provided the best in sun, sea, and sand holidays, Seychelles was now ready for niche markets and for more activity-based holidays. Alain St.Ange was informed that an Italian delegation was to travel to Seychelles for the 2011 Eco Healing Marathon when he was addressing the evening on the 2011 Seychelles “Carnival International de Victoria.” It is now confirmed that different private sector groups from Italy are mounting different floats to carry Italy’s flag at the Seychelles March 2001 Carnival. Monette Rose was congratulated by all present for her work in promoting the Seychelles in Italy.