Frankfurt Airport almost back to normal


FRANKFURT, Germany – Flight and terminal operations at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) are almost back to normal after severe winter weather took hold over the past couple of days.

“Last night, Fraport’s Winter Services had no difficulty in keeping the runways free of snow and ice,” a Fraport spokesperson declared.

Yesterday, 484 of 1,429 scheduled flights had to be cancelled and several other flights were delayed. On the basis of the current weather forecast, Fraport is expecting a significant improvement of the situation for today and the weekend.

“Winter-related operational restrictions at other European airports also affect Frankfurt Airport, as aircraft rotation is not running on schedule. Hence, passengers should expect flight delays and some cancellations also today. Frankfurt Airport itself, however, is fully operating again,” the spokesperson said.

Passengers flying via FRA today are kindly requested to contact their airline or tour operator about the status of their flight.

For further information, please contact:

Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide
Robert A. Payne, B.A.A. – Senior Mgr. International Press & PR
International Spokesman, Press Office (Dept. UKM-PS)
Corporate Communications, 60547 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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