Uganda Wildlife Authority gets new acting executive director


UGANDA (eTN) – In a surprise move, the minister of tourism yesterday appointed Dr. Andrew Seguya of the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) as the new Acting Executive Director of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), relegating Mark Kamanzi, back into the echelons of the legal department, from where he was by the former board chairman and his cronies catapulted into the ED’s office, only to make yet a greater mess of things and upsetting the hugely important conservation fraternity with his ill-fated golf course remarks.

It is still expected, though, that an interim panel will be put into place to oversee the authority’s return to level keel after Dr. Muballa and his followers literally rocked the boat, threatening the very survival of Uganda’s key conservation body with their greed for allowances, benefits, and payments.

With this appointment, the minister put further distance between himself and the former board, arguably listening to the growing number of previous colleagues, former chairs, and many leading personalities to hasten the repair of the organization to avoid irreparable damage to UWA and loss of confidence and funding from development partners and donors.