Director General of Tanzania National Museums passes away


(eTN) – The sudden death last week of the Director General of the National Museum of Tanzania, Dr. Norbert Kayombo, left the institution in a state of shock and in a vacuum, considering he has been at the helm of the institution since 1999.

Over time he had developed close ties with international institutions, discussing the return of fossils kept abroad, and his Ph.D. studies in Germany – where some of the fossils are kept – came in handy to forge close ties with colleagues from Europe and the rest of the world.

Under the auspices of the National Museum, is the site between Ngorongoro and the Serengeti – Olduvai – where the Leakey family had found evidence of man’s early ancestors dating 3.5 million years back. This outlet of the national museums is much in demand by visitors from overseas who also visit the main museum as part of organized tours to Tanzania.

Condolences are expressed to the late Dr. Kayombo’s family, friends, and work mates at the museum.