Polish Travel Mart 2011 – the workshop of Polish outgoing tourism


After 4 years of satisfying results, the workshop of Polish outgoing tourism is showing all its potentialities: more than 120 Polish buyers are waiting for international sellers to come to Poland to conduct business with their counterparts at the 5th edition of Polish Travel Mart (PTM) being held on March 7 and 8, 2011.

PTM 2011 will offer two novelties. For the next edition there will be the possibility of choosing four different participation packages in order to optimize time during the event ( http://www.polishtravelmart.pl/#All_Service ). These new packages show how the Polish Travel Mart is slowly enlarging its activities, promoting a fair approach and opportunities to all participants.

The second novelty is the relevant participation of incentive houses strongly interested in submitting new proposals to their business partners. These new players of the Polish tourist market are, at this moment, the more active and aggressive component of the tourist sector. The fast growth of these companies bears witness to the vivacity of the demand of travel and holiday in Poland.

The success of PTM is connected to three main reasons: the good performance of the polish economy, which generates a growing and relevant number of international tourists (about 8 million); the positive outlook of international economic authorities for the Polish economy (+2.7% for the present year and up to +3,3% for 2011 (see Eurostat, European Economic Forecast May 2010) while the world perspectives are in black; and last but not least, the satisfaction of the workshop participants of the previous editions. ( http://www.polishtravelmart.pl/?mode=1&aid=50 ).

Five years of this workshop history permits several evaluations with a significant medium term time perspective. Among them the first one is on the loyalty of the participants: actually, about the 50% of companies that will attend PTM have already participated in a previous edition of this event.
These positive results are connected with the high satisfaction level of the workshop participants: a deep analysis of the customer satisfaction questionnaires shows that this high satisfaction level is mainly connected with the management system of the workshop ( http://www.polishtravelmart.pl/?mode=1&aid=41 ). Polish Travel Mart, indeed, is a full-managed workshop: the meetings are the result of the buyers and sellers matched preferences while the meeting agenda reduces the risks of the no shows at the appointments. TTG Poland organizers have found a last solution to push the no shows risks near to zero: the presence, inside the venue, of the Project Manager’s team that checks the regularity of the meetings and supports the workshop participants to optimize their business meetings. For more information see www.polishtravelmart.pl .