UNWTO to support the implementation of a new hotel classification system in Morocco


In today’s competitive marketplace, tourism’s sustainable development and growth must be accompanied by quality tourism services. With the aim of assisting its Member countries to reinforce their competitive advantages, UNWTO is supporting a new hotel classification system in Morocco to ensure the country’s accommodation industry meets international demand for quality service.

Thanks to its long-term tourism development strategy, Vision 2010, tourism has become a fundamental driver of growth and development for Morocco. On the occasion of the official launch of Vision 2020, UNWTO has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism and the National Hotel Industry Federation to support the entry into force of a new hotel classification system in the country (Marrakesh, Morocco, 30 December).

“Vision 2010 has proved a great success with tourism in Morocco booming,” said UNWTO Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai, at the signing of the agreement. “Now is the time, through Vision 2020, to ensure the sustainability of these gains by focusing on quality of services offered to tourists. UNWTO is very pleased to contribute to this goal through supporting the high quality of standards in hotels and the development of a new hotel classification system in Morocco”.

Under the agreement, UNWTO will train and certify the training of a select group of specialized auditors in the new ranking system to carry out quality audits of Moroccan accommodation establishments. Having implemented similar projects around the world, the Organization stands ready to provide the necessary expertise to the government and authorities as they implement the project over the next six years.