High-profile media group from Singapore conducts recce in Seychelles


A group of 12 media personalities from Singapore were in Seychelles recently, led by well-known photographer Willy Foo, who enjoys a social networking group of 20,000 and came on holiday to Seychelles only a few months ago.

He returned earlier this month with the media group, which comprises a radio broadcaster, Media Corp (TV) artist, as well as a number of high-profile personalities.

The group’s visit reflects the importance of photography as a hobby for Singaporeans and the high demand of this particular market segment for attractive destinations to visit.

While in Seychelles, members of the group took the opportunity to write about the destination and also conduct interviews with local tourism industry players: Mrs. Elsia Grandcourt (Seychelles Tourism Board); Ms. Elizabeth Fideria; Ulrich Denis; Ms. Lucille Adrienne; and Mr. Gilbert Pool.

They also traveled between the islands and took photos, which will be posted on social networking sites, as part of an arrangement to provide Seychelles with media exposure and help to attract photographers and nature lovers to our shores. Mr. Foo will also lead parties of interested photographers to the islands as from next year.

Last Monday, the group visited the Seychelles Tourism Board at Bel Ombre for a group photo and to present a camera as gift to the organization for realizing the visit. Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board and eTurboNews ambassador, told the press that the Far East is an important target market for Seychelles, which has prompted the Creole Tropical Islands to open a Tourism Office in Singapore and appointed Mrs. Myrna Michel as the Seychelles Tourism Director of Asia & Australasia. China has already had three visits by the island’s President, Mr. James Michel and two by Alain St.Ange the Tourism Industry’s CEO. Seychelles and China enjoy friendly ties, and it is believed that the islands are doing everything possible to get direct air access to China.