Seychelles VP urges EU-Africa collaboration for concrete action on piracy


On the second day of the 3rd Africa-EU Summit being held in Tripoli, the Seychelles Vice President Danny Faure has put forward concrete proposals for EU-Africa cooperation on the fight against piracy in the thematic discussion on peace and security matters.

Echoing the recent statement made by the island’s President James Michel at the ACP Fisheries Minister meeting, the Vice President stated that while there have been some improvements in policing and preventing piracy, the existing efforts were still short of providing a true long-term solution.

The Seychelles Vice President’s submission to the summit identifies four key areas that need attention to improve the security situation in Somalia and also to provide a long-term solution on piracy, which is plaguing shipping and trade in the Indian Ocean.

In the first instance, Seychelles has called for strengthening of the rule of law in Somalia by increased support to AMISOM forces, as well as a review of the mandate of activities to improve security to go beyond peace-keeping.
Secondly, projects must be developed to promote economic activity in Somalia, no matter how limited.

Thirdly, a review of the existing anti-piracy strategy must be undertaken urgently as, although existing practices have delivered some results, they do not offer a realistic solution for the long term.

Seychelles has stressed that while there are already many assets and resources allocated to surveillance and patrol, a key for success was the identification/building of a facility in Somalia, which could act as a prison for convicted pirates.

Finally, Seychelles has also called for the strengthening of the effort to tackle the money laundering aspects of piracy to try and reduce the profitability of this criminal activity.

“Like any other crime – if the crime pays – there is always incentive to continue. Unless we can solve these questions, piracy will continue to pay,” the Vice President stated.

The Vice President has also stressed that none of these strategies can be implemented piecemeal or in isolation: “We have to be working towards all four strategies at the same time. If we do not, we are simply delaying a true long term solution.”

The Vice President is representing President Michel at the 3rd Africa-EU Summit, and he is accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs.