London Taxi campaign puts Seychelles in the news


The campaign has put Seychelles in the news as the London Cabs highlighted the two Seychelles campaigns in their publicity campaign. The Article promoting advertising possibilities on London cabs states: Escape to the Seychelles for winter? Yes please! You’re planning a trip to the Seychelles? Lucky you! Mother Nature was very generous with these 115 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean and has spoiled them rotten. Undeniably, the beaches are the big attraction, and what beaches: exquisite ribbons of white sand lapped by topaz waters and backed by lush hills and big glacis boulders. And barely a crowd in sight!! Which island should you go to? Don’t sweat the decision too much.

Be it one of the three main islands of Praslin, La Digue, or Mahé – its mountainous interior being home to Morne Seychellois National Park – or any outlying island, you’ll strike gold. Having earned a reputation as a paradigm of ecotourism, the Seychelles is a top spot to watch birds and giant tortoises in their natural habitat. And a vast living world lies just below the turquoise waters, beckoning divers of all levels. When you tire of beaches, you can venture inland on jungle trails, indulge in fine dining, or enjoy the sublime laid-back tempo.

And time has come to spread the word: yes, this paradise is accessible to us all. On top of ultra-luxurious options, the Seychelles has plenty of quaint, affordable self-catering facilities and guesthouses, often situated on some of the best land. Though it remains an expensive destination, its tourist authorities are now targeting non-millionaires, promoting these economy options. But fear not: mass tourism it will never be.

The Seychelles Tourism Board has, for the second year, decided to promote the beautiful islands with a campaign of 25 taxis fitted with superside panel advertisements and interior tip-up seat panel adverts. All the taxis are based in Central London and the taxis are supplied by .