Tanzania targets Brazil as key tourism source in South America


TANZANIA, Dar es Salaam (eTN) – After opening a new diplomatic office in Brasilia, Tanzania is looking at best plans to market its tourist attractions in Brazil through the famous Samba Carnival.

Newly appointed Tanzanian ambassador to Brazil, Mr Francis Malambugi, said his office in Brasilia would facilitate tourism promotion campaigns, while looking at famous Brazilian football celebrities and the annual Samba events.

The new envoy plans to convince leading Brazilian football players to visit Tanzania’s key tourist sites, mostly Mount Kilimanjaro which remains the leading tourist site in the country.

Samba carnival, rooted in the African continent, will be the other crowd-pulling event, where Tanzania will be placing tourism promotional materials, to attract Brazilian visitors, the envoy said.

Tanzania Tourist Board’s CEO, Dr. Aloyce Nzuki, said he will design and organize trips for Brazilian travel agents to visit various key holiday sites in Tanzania, so as to familiarize them with the attractions and services offered to the tourists.

Dr. Nzuki said Brazil will be Tanzania’s key tourist market source in South America, and campaigns to attract more Brazilian tourists will be launched.

1,138 Brazilian tourists visited Tanzania in 2009.