PARIS (eTN) – Yemenia Airbus A310 crash between Paris-Sanaa and Moroni in the Comores has created an unusual situation.

For the first time, potential passengers –mostly the Comores community living in France- are now refusing to fly again with Yemen flag carrier. They denounce the poor quality of the carrier, calling it a “garbage airline” and ask French authorities to ban indefinitely the airline from French skies and even from EU skies. It is an unprecedented move against an airline with serious consequences for the airline industry.

Following demonstrations at Marseille’s airport to block the airline to fly to the Comores, Yemenia announced on Thursday to “temporarily” suspend its flights to and from Marseille-Provence airport.

As demonstrations against the airline did not abate, Yemenia finally announced to also suspend its flights from Paris on Saturday, telling that it would return once conditions are improving.

It is unlikely that this day might ever come again anytime soon. Or Yemenia will be forced to reshape entirely its management and improve dramatically its safety.

Passengers being able to force an airline to withdraw from a market is an exceptional event. By creating a precedent, it could open a new era in the relations between airlines and their customers. And maybe make airlines more sensitive to passengers’ wishes for a better safety on board. The world is probably seeing the birth of a ”passengers power Revolution.”