Taiwan launches 2011 tourism campaign


The Taiwan Tourism Bureau has announced its 2011 marketing campaign, which will feature three key elements: Tour Taiwan 100, Authentic Taiwan and Great Service in Taiwan.

Tour Taiwan 100 sees the introduction of over 100 new tours and different experiences on the island. From celebrity spotting to Yulin Puppet Shows, the tours will fall into one of 10 themes: customs & religion, local culture, aboriginal tribes, hot-springs, innovation tours, contemporary culture, hiking, tracking celebrities, eco-touring and biking. The tours are designed to help visitors maximise their time and make the most of their experiences on the island.

Authentic Taiwan will promote the culture and traditions of Taiwan through four key events, one for each season: Taiwan Lantern Festival (Spring), Taiwan Cuisine Festival (Summer), Taiwan International Cycling Festival (Autumn) and the Taiwan Hot Springs and Fein Cuisine Carnival (Winter). In conjunction with these events, there will also be a number of new initiatives such as ‘Taiwan Tea Adventure’ and ‘Taiwan Night Market Competitions’ designed to promote the other aspects of culture on the island.

Finally, the great service initiative focuses on an even better hospitality on the island, before, during and after tourists’ trips. There will be several new websites, offering more information and insight, as well as shuttle buses, tour coupons and special offers making getting around much easier.

Holidaymakers will also benefit from extra special treatment such as a free ‘Easy Card’ for the subways in Taipei and Kaohsiung, free half-day tours for transit tourists as well as prizes for the millionth tourist visiting the country.