Tourism news: Fresh troubles halt tourism recovery in Madagascar


(eTN) – The outbreak of more violence and persistent rumors over a “coup d’ etat” last week by sections of the armed forces have caused outright dismay in Madagascar’s tourism fraternity, as bad news once again filled TV screens across the globe.

While sources close to the current regime, also in power courtesy of a coup since March 2009, denied the reports and spoke of a limited mutiny, this is nevertheless another spanner in the works of the tourism promoters for Madagascar, who have seen tourist arrivals reduce to trickles, when, in fact, the island’s natural attractions should draw in a steady stream of visitors to see the national parks with the unique Lemurs or else enjoy the tropical beaches.

A referendum was being held on the day to decide on the regime leader’s proposed change of the present age barrier for those running for the presidency, but with all opposition parties boycotting the vote and three former presidents also denouncing the referendum, any outcome will have no legitimacy at all for the already widely discredited and shunned Rajoelina and his backers.