Indonesia is on highest alert


Indonesia is on alert again for a possible volcanic eruption, this time from Mount Bromo,in eastern Java, less than a month after Mount Merapi volcano killed at least 322 people.

Indonesian authorities has raised the alert level to its highest level for Mount Bromo on Tuesday and issued warning to villagers and tourists to stay off the rumbling slopes. According to local Volcanologist.

” There is a chance of an eruption soon”.Mount Bromo is one of the most active volcanoes of Indonesia and a famous tourists place and trippers. But unlike Mount Merapi it is not densely populated.On November 8, Mount Bromo started rumbling and plumes of white smoke and ash were rising from the crater.

The 2,329-metre peak, a popular tourist destination, has been declared closed to visitors.

Two people were killed when the volcano last erupted in 2004.
More than 300 people have been killed in the eruptions of the nearby Mount Merapi volcano since last month.