Seychelles tourism delegation meets Brazilian Ambassador in Tanzania to discuss 2011 Seychelles Carnival


Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board and eTurboNews ambassador, accompanied by Mrs. Maryvonne Pool, the Seychelles Consul and Tourism Ambassador in Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, were received by Ambassador Francisco Carlos Soares Luz at the Embassy of Brazil in Tanzania to discuss the 2011 Seychelles “Carnaval International de Victoria” and the possible participation by a delegation to represent Brazil, the World’s Carnival Giant.

Ambassador Luz is the designated Brazil Diplomat for Seychelles based in Tanzania, and the Seychelles Tourism Delegation in Tanzania for the launch of the Seychelles Week used this opportunity to sell the Seychelles Carnaval concept to Brazil.

Seychelles and Brazil enjoy friendly and warm relations with the South American Country now also studying the possibility of planning a visit by a Brazilian Navy Ship to Victoria, the Capital of the Seychelles, for the Carnaval days from March 4-6, 2011.

The request from Seychelles to have a Brazil Float at the Seychelles Carnaval being held under the theme “The Melting Pot of Cultures” will be transmitted to the responsible authorities in Brazil.

The CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board said to the press in Tanzania that he was encouraged by the positive response so far on the “Carnaval International de Victoria.”