From fuel to water – shortages list in Tanzania grows


(eTN) – Hotels and residents along the coastal stretch between Dar es Salaam and Bagamoyo have been warned that water will be in short supply for the near and medium future as a result of largely grown populations in the area. Water needs were, according to a source in Dar es Salaam, pegged at 450 million liters of water per day, while production hardly reaches 300 million liters of water per day, a shortfall of about one third of overall requirements.

While hotels and beach resorts may get a level of priority, manufacturing is also demanding a growing share of the precious liquid, while households are most likely the hardest hit in the equation of who gets what and when.

Infrastructural development in the utilities sectors remains a major challenge in Tanzania, but also across the entire region, where roads, rail, water, electricity, health, and education are cornerstones of public services and parastatal companies yet often undercapitalized and hence unable to perform to the expectation of the populate. After the recent fuel shortage, this is another matter of concern to Tanzanians and hotel and resort operators of how best to cope in periods of short supplies and the new government, due to be appointed anytime soon after the elections of October 31 will have their hands full to make good of the many pre-election promises made, including the provision of water.