Seychelles makes its mark in Tanzania


The Seychelles Week in Tanzania, sponsored by Maryvonne Pool, the Seychelles Tourism Ambassador and Consul based in Tanzania, was launched at the Movenpick Royal Palm Hotel Dar es Salaam on Monday night in the presence of some 180 guests, which included Dr. Ladislaus Komba, the Tanzanian Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, government officials of Tanzania, diplomats accredited to Seychelles and Tanzania, travel trade, airlines, and press.

Opening the evening, Maryvonne Pool explained why she had pushed for this week of activities, which was aimed at showcasing Seychelles to Tanzania. On the grounds of the Movenpick Dar es Salaam Hotel, where a 40-foot banner depicting a dream picture of a wave and the Seychelles turquoise blue seas was set over a created beach with models acting as hotel guests enjoying a relaxing moment on a “Seychelles beach.” With the sounds of the Zez Band performing in the background, Maryvonne Pool thanked all her sponsors in Tanzania who had helped make this Seychelles week a reality. Maryvonne Pool had also rallied the support of other Tanzania-based members of the Seychellois community including Trevor Camille who was behind the creole buffet for the dinner.

Mr. Alfonso Kioko, the Group Managing Director and CEO of Tanzania’s Precision Air, addressed the evening by congratulating Seychelles for wanting to work with Africa, and he went on to announce that Precision Air was now studying the possibility of starting direct flights between Tanzania and Seychelles. Mr. Kioko said that the visibility and the continued marketing initiatives undertaken by Seychelles was a lesson to Africa. The Precision Air CEO was followed by Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board and eTurboNews ambassador, who reiterated the need for Africa to work with Africa if Africa was to be a strong continent.

Mr. St.Ange explained the twin center possibilities that existed for Seychelles with a Tanzania Safari and with a Holiday at Mount Kilimanjaro. He said that visitors from the Far East, the Americas, and those from Europe who continued to flock to Tanzania could now be offered Seychelles as the twin center possibility after a Tanzania holiday.

He went on to talk about the new possible carbon tax and urged the Tanzania travel trade to be ahead in proposing add-ons to visitors as that new one-off tax finds its way in Europe. Alain St.Ange explained the new “Seychelles brand” of tourism being developed and adopted in Seychelles as a people centered style and approach. Mr. St.Ange explained the concept of the 2011 Seychelles “Carnaval International de Victoria,” as he invited Tanzania to be present, and he urged the diplomats present to pass the message to their respective governments.

“After the annual gathering of countries in New York for the UN General Assembly, Seychelles was now offering a get together for the community of nations to meet, to socialize, and to showcase their respective cultures and attractions in a fun-filled three days,” St.Ange said.

After a short DVD film on Seychelles, Dr. Ladislaus Komba, the Permanent Secretary of the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, took the podium to thank Seychelles to be innovative and to offer their hand to work together with Tanzania. “Seychelles’ sea, sun, and sand alone, a Mount Kilimanjaro Holiday alone, or a Safari in Tanzania alone faces competition from other destinations, which offer similar tourism products. However, if we promote Seychelles and Tanzania as a twin destination in the sence that safari experience in Tanzania is complimented with beach products in Seychelles, we will be creating a unique destination with an outstanding appeal. That is why today’s inaugural event is a cricial step towards achieving a long-standing promotion and marketing of Tanzania and Seychelles as twin tourist destinations,” said Dr. Komba.

The Permanent Secretary of the Tanzania Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism also went on to congratulate Precision Air for having announced their intention to work to establish direct air links between Dar es Salaam and Seychelles, and he announced Tanzania’s intention to work with the Seychelles Tourism Board and that Tanzania would be present at the 2011 Seychelles Carnaval.

The Seychelles Week in Tanzania continues for the next three days.