Solar powered tropical resort nominated for United Nations environmental award


CLEVELAND, USA & NAIROBI, Kenya & PANAMA CITY, Panama – Rancho de Caldera, a private, solar-powered sustainable living and hospitality initiative has been nominated for the 2011 United Nations Environment Program’s “Champions of the Earth” award for entrepreneurial vision. Comments Rancho de Caldera co-initiator Gina Tippit Cronin:

“Some years ago, I dreamed of developing a luxurious sustainable living model offering high standards of comfort with a nature-friendly, low-carbon foot print.

“For optimal natural resource management and preservation, I envisioned clean energies like solar, hydro, and wind power; organic produce cultivation; recycle and waste reduction programs – all harmoniously integrated into a design that would leave the area even more beautiful than it was.

“Despite considerable challenges (including not speaking the language and no experience) and with invaluable support from Chris McCall and many others, that vision has become a reality today.

“It is within this context, on behalf of Rancho de Caldera friends, contributors, guests, visitors from around the world, managers and staff, that I humbly acknowledge Rancho de Caldera’s nomination for this award.

“I would also like to thank Green Globe International for guidance and support in achieving greater sustainability at Rancho de Caldera and Sustainable Travel International for leadership in advancing sustainability in the travel industry.”

Commented Brian T. Mullis, CEO of Sustainable Travel International:

“Rancho de Caldera Resort’s entrepreneurial vision and progressive approach to sustainable tourism helped them to get nominated for the 2011 United Nations Environment Program’s ‘Champions of the Earth’ award. Given that they are one of the few luxurious eco-resorts in the world that operate off-the-grid year round; relying on solar, hydro, and wind power; I can’t think of a more worthy nominee for this prestigious environmental award.”

According to a Green Globe spokesperson, Rancho de Caldera is the first hospitality project in Central America in compliance with sustainability standards as recognized by the Green Globe certification.

United Nations Environment Program publications state that their “Champions of the Earth” award is to recognize those “… who have made a significant contribution … to the protection and sustainable management of the environment and natural resources” and that the award is held in conjunction with the “world’s leading conference on business and environment,” the “Business for the Environment” (B4E) Global Summit.