More waiting for Uganda lake travelers


UGANDA (eTN) – As predicted recently on eTurboNews, the repairs of MV Kalangala is taking longer than the Ministry of Works and Transport initially admitted, and the earliest the ship cum ferry will go back into service is now thought to be in mid-December.

The ministry, following persistent complaints by regular travelers to and from the islands and traders going after their daily business there, needed to publish a revised timeline and is facing acid criticism from those who told them so and were then reminded to mind their own business, as the ministry bureaucrats claimed to know what they were doing.

Safe lake transport is critically important across the lakes of Uganda, in particular on Lake Victoria, where sudden storms often ambush travelers in small boats, which lack safety equipment or well-trained crews, costing lives in the process. The introduction of the ship cum ferry some years ago brought relief to many residents of the Ssese Islands group, as well as to weekend tourist visitors from the city, and the extraordinarily long process of overhauling the ship’s engines and completing safety inspections, the latter incidentally to be carried out across the lake in Mwanza, Tanzania, was an immediate bone of contention for the public for many of whom the ministry’s performance in general is under constant scrutiny.