Largest Canadian theme waterpark is growing


Limoges – Calypso Theme Waterpark announced today that its guests will get to enjoy a brand new aquatic complex featuring 10 new waterslides for the 2011 summer season.

The construction of this major aquatic complex, representing a $5 million investment, will further increase the hosting capacity of Canada’s Biggest Theme Waterpark. It will be North America’s tallest free-standing waterslide tower, with a total height of 90 feet, and will enable guests to try out three new types of waterslides, each offering a unique experience.

“The addition of this new aquatic complex stems from the tremendous success we’ve had this past year, explains Guy Drouin, President and General Manager of Calypso Theme Waterpark. In fact, we’ve exceeded our objectives by over 25% for the 2010 summer season. The new project features 10 new waterslides in a single tower and will be sure to please the entire family. This major project is practically a whole other waterpark. It’s that huge!”

At the top of the 90-foot (28-meter) tower will be four distinct high-speed waterslides: two will be accessible using toboggan boats, each seating four people single-file, while the two others will feature double tubes. About halfway up the tower, at 55 feet (17 meters), guests will be able to access two AquaLoop slides, where adrenaline and centrifugal force will offer an exhilarating experience to all guests. Lastly, four coiled slides designed for the whole family, featuring translucent and closed-off sections, will be accessible at 30 feet (9 meters).

The two next generation Aqualoop waterslides, exclusive to Calypso, will surely meet the expectations of thrill-seekers. Bathers will start off in a closed-off section featuring a drop floor. At the signal, the floor will open, “launching them into a vertical drop”, before continuing on a roller coaster-like trajectory that includes a 2.5G loop.