Delta flight attendants say no to union for 3rd time


ATLANTA – Delta Air Lines has received notification from the National Mediation Board (NMB) that a majority – more than 53 percent – of flight attendants voting in the election rejected representation by the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA). In response, Delta Senior Vice President of In-Flight Service Joanne Smith issued the following message to its 20,000 flight attendants:

“We are happy to share the results of the Delta flight attendant representation election we received today from the National Mediation Board. The majority of voters rejected AFA representation. This is a win for all Delta flight attendants. We are pleased not just with the outcome, but also with the fact that so many of you let your voice be heard. There were 18,760 votes cast and 53% voted against AFA representation. There were 19,887 eligible voters, of which only 44% voted for AFA. No matter how you voted, thank you for participating. I could not be more proud of our flight attendants.

So how soon can we fly together, open single bids for base transfers and fully integrate? Just as soon as we are able to align pay, benefits, work rules and produce a single seniority list. We hope to be able to move quickly, as we have with other workgroups where representation has been resolved. Rates of pay would be the first to be aligned – and that would be the first day of the first bid period after our flight attendants’ decision becomes final.

We will release the transition plan with anticipated timelines for full integration as soon as we can. The AFA has until November 12 to file interference claims with the NMB. If they do not file those claims, you can expect to hear our plans for integration very soon thereafter. If interference claims are filed, we will not be in a position to align pay, benefits and work rules until final resolution is achieved. As I have heard from so many of you, we are anxious to complete our integration and move forward as soon as possible. We have said we respect our flight attendants’ choice. We urge the AFA to show that same respect.

It has been two years since the completion of our merger and I want to thank you for your professionalism. You’ve been waiting a long time for today, and I know we’ve all grown weary of the election debate. You have spoken and it is time to move forward. Your leadership team will do our best to build upon your trust and confidence.”