Rwanda receives Green Globe award


(eTN) – The “land of a thousand hills” last week received global recognition for their sustained efforts to protect the environment and restore encroached and depleted forests and wetlands, when the country was handed the prestigious “Green Globe Award” for the Rugezi-Bulera-Ruhondo wetland.

The announcement was made in Japan during a global meeting of the World Wetland Network.

Rwanda has environmental protection high on the national agenda and has been in the good news often in the past months for the efforts and work done in conjunction with affected communities. Said one tourism operator in Kigali to this correspondent: “Wildlife and nature-based tourism is our bread and butter here in Rwanda. The high priority government gives to the sector is backed up by good policies and implementation measures, and we are confident that we are on the right track. And because communities benefit from eco-tourism, they support our measures to protect the environment; after all, it helps them, too.”

The wetland in question has seen a remarkable recovery from its previous sorry state and a number of rare birds, animals, and reptiles have already made their home there again. Nature walks accompanied by local guides can now attract tourists again, and the country can showcase their efforts in its “Sunday best.”