SCTA president: Tourism job opportunities will reach out to citizens


His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, president of SCTA, recently pointed out that job opportunities in the tourism sector will reach citizens each in his place and not vice versa. Prince Sultan stressed his emphasis that the tourism sector would be the most important of the three largest sectors of productive employment opportunities in the kingdom in the near future.

Tourism job opportunities do not exist only in large industrial or economic cites, they spread horizontally throughout rural areas, villages, towns, municipalities, and even exists on vertical levels of education and training. Elaborating on this, HRH added that tourism employment opportunities are available for different educational levels and social categories – they are available for holders of higher degrees, as well as the businessmen who run large companies, ordinary men or women, and old or young men who practice a small craft or a small enterprise such as the manufacture of traditional food in a small village.

“It is a big difference, when job opportunities look for citizens instead of citizens looking for them. The biggest disadvantage that we are addressing currently, despite widespread colleges and universities, is the growing number of people who leave their villages and local areas to live in new environments,” he added.

These comments were made during a press conference held following the ceremony for honoring the sponsors and distinguished contributors to the “Tourism Services Map and Directory” project. Tourism service maps and directories are issued by the Tourism Information and Research Center (MAS), a statistical arm of the commission. HRH expressed his appreciation to the companies that sponsored the “Tourism Service Map and Directory” project, commending their cooperation and services to their homeland. “This year is promising with benefits; it is the year of accomplishments, new shifts, and results achievement,” HRH added.

On the other hand, the SCTA president praised the royal and cabinet’s approval of the new regulation for the activities of MICE tourism, that was submitted by SCTA and which was developed in collaboration with the ministries of interior, foreign affairs, and commerce. HRH said that this approval will contribute effectively in the development and organization of this as an important economic activity, as well as raising tourism business in the kingdom in order that Saudi citizen will largely benefit from the big number and various job opportunities, revenues, investment incentives, and practical experiences that are provided by this type of tourism.

HRH said that the resolution is expected to make a shift in the quality of services presented by the MICE sector within one year. He added that the kingdom has become one of the countries that is witnessing increased number of tourists for exhibitions and conferences from across the world, which requires appropriate and deliberate organization of this sector in order to cope with the developmental vision that the leader of this country looks towards.
HRH added that the re-organizing of the conferences, incentives, exhibitions, and meetings sectors in the kingdom will create large and various job opportunities for Saudis, as well as create a wide range of professions throughout the kingdom.

At the end of the ceremony, HRH handed over the awards to the sponsoring companies and signed new agreements for 2011 with Saudi Research and Marketing Group and The Arab Resort Areas Company (ARAC).