LOT Polish Airlines to become more active in North America


NEW YORK – LOT Polish Airlines intends to become more active in North America. The carrier’s new partner in the US and Canada, who will support sales activities and work to enhance the LOT brand, will be Discover the World Marketing.

LOT will begin working with the outsourcing company firm on Jan. 1, 2011. The Polish airline will hand over sales operations in North America to the new partner, which will completely change its sales management model in the US and Canada.

Discover the World Marketing’s operations will increase the profitability of LOT Polish Airlines in North America and significantly reduce the cost of maintaining its presence in the US and Canada.

“Our clients in North America, particularly the Poles living in the US and Canada, are extremely important to the growth of LOT Polish Airlines,” said Leszek Narowski, LOT Polish Airlines’ Board Member responsible for sales. “Most important for the company is the maintenance of the Polish carrier’s brand in North America. LOT Polish Airlines’ work with Discover the World Marketing, which has a rich experience in business, is dictated solely by economic factors.”

The new sales management model in the US and Canada is one element in the company’s restructuring program, which has continually produced improved financial results.

Passengers using LOT Polish Airlines’ services will not notice any differences related to the reorganization of the carrier’s sales presence in North America. Travelers will still be able to make use of LOT’s offices at the airport, call centers and travel agents, who are intermediaries for the Polish national carrier’s ticket sales.