Seychelles Sports Fishing Club sees succesful 2010 La Digue Offshore Fishing Tournament


Fishing aficionados of Seychelles have recently enjoyed a day of intense fishing action with the “La Digue Offshore Fishing Tournament” that was organized by the Seychelles Sports Fishing Club (SSFC).

Held on Saturday, October 23, 2010, this fishing tournament had the participation of some 181 anglers with a total of 31 boats, among which there were two pirogues – traditional boats of Seychelles. Interestingly, this was a first for any sport-fishing tournament in Seychelles.

The tournament consisted of several categories, including the Heaviest Fish Caught; Individual Fish Caught, Trolling and Bottom Fishing; and the Special Category for the best total trolling, bottom, and overall catch. Winning the competition was the “Dyab Lavwal” boat from Praslin Island, whose crew consisted of anglers Christian de Charmoy-Lablache (captain), Angela Gontier, Joel Confait, Guillien Lepathy, and Giovanny Labonte. They finished with 21 points, and as first prize they won SCR 5,000 and a trophy.

The tournament’s runners-up were “Blue Waves” with 20 points, and they received SCR 2,500 and a trophy. The “Blue Waves” team also won prizes in three trolling categories – biggest sailfish (32.10 kg), biggest dorado (9.15 kg), and biggest yellow-fin tuna (12.75 kg). They had a total weigh of 205.40 kg, which won them the prize for best total trolling catch.

The “Tranquility” team brought ashore the heaviest catch – a 99.5 kg black marlin. “Dyab Lavwal” boat on the other hand brought in the heaviest barracuda of 13.50 kg, the heaviest tuna dogtooth of 17.70 kg, and heaviest carangue or saumon of 13.15 kg in bottom fishing, which totaled to 253.45 kg, With this total, “Dyab Lavwal” clinched first prize for best total overall catch. The biggest croissant (1.95 kg) and job or job jaune/kalkal (8.50 kg) was caught by “Lone Wolf II” in the bottom fishing category. Winning for the best total bottom catch category was the “Makwa” boat, and they took the prize for the biggest bourgeois of 10.30 kg in the individual category.

Other boats who won for individual prizes, include boat “Bigarade” (biggest king fish of 15.85 kg), “Tranquility” (biggest marlin of 99.85 kg), “Lala” (biggest rainbow runner or galate of 7.65 kg), “Makwa” (biggest bourgeois of 10.30 kg), “Marlin” (biggest capitaine blanc or rouge of 5.15 kg), “Venture” (biggest vara vara of 5.10 kg) and “Blue Girl” (biggest vyey of 7.70 kg).

Prizes for this tournament has been sponsored by the Seychelles Breweries, Cable & Wireless, Hunt Deltel & Co, La Scala Restaurant, Roucou Farms, the Marine Charter Association, Waterworld, Chateau St. Cloud, Neddy Legras, the Luxury Yacht Charters, Le Domaine de l’Orangeraie, Sun Excavations, Patatran Village, and Pension Michel.

It is also worth noting that organizers of this event have been able to raise Seychelles Rupees 40,000.00. All proceeds have been donated to La Digue school to buy new furniture and equipment for students.

Marc Houareau of the “Seychelles Sports Fishing Club” said that in this 2010 competition 2 “pirogues” (local dug-out boats) took part, and this was a first for any sport-fishing tournament in Seychelles. This annual event is one that is fully supported by the Seychelles Tourism Board, and it now appears on the list of the Island’s List of Annual Major Events. Alain St.Ange, Tourism CEO of the Seychelles and eTurboNews ambassador, said that this annual fishing competition must find its way on the list of fishing competition for those fishing enthusiasts looking at catching fish when out fishing. “Seychelles is a fisherman’s paradise, and international anglers are always invited to try their fighting spirit against the islands’ home grown talent,” the Seychelles Tourism Chief said.

Below is the full list of winners of the competition:

Tournament Winner – Dyab Lavwal (21 pts)
Tournament Runner-up – Blue Wave (20 pts)
Heaviest Fish Caught – Tranquility (Black Marlin of 99.85 kg)



Winner – Dyab Lavwal (13. 50 kg)
Runner-up – Blue Bell (11.65 kg)

Winner – Blue Wave (9.15 kg)
Runner-up – Tango II (7.25 kg)

Winner – Bigarade (15.85 kg)
Runner- up – Divinity (13.50 kg)

Winner – Tranquility (99.85 kg)
Runner-up – Blue Wave (66.25 kg)

Rainbow Runner-Galate:
Winner – Lala (7.65 kg)
Runner-up – Dyab Lavwal (96.50 kg)

Winner- Blue Wave (32.10 kg)
Runner-Up – Island Star (30.65 kg)

Tuna Dogtooth:
Winner – Dyab Lavwal (17.70 kg)
Runner-up – Dyab Lavwal (12.05 kg)

Tuna Yellowfin:
Winner – Blue Wave (12.75 kg)
Runner-up – Turnstone (12.35 kg)


Winner – Makwa (10.30 kg)
Runner-up – Sey Set Ball (7.40 kg)

Capitaine Blanc or Rouge:
Winner – Marlin (5.15 kg)
Runner-up – Blue Girl (4.95 kg)

Carangue or Saumon:
Winner – Dyab Lavwal (13.15 kg)
Runner-up – Makaira (8.30 kg)

Winner – Lone Wolf II (1.95 kg)
Runner-up – Marlin (1.75 kg)

Job or Job Jaune/Kalkal:
Winner – Lone Wolf II (8.50 kg)
Runner-up – Makaira (7.75 kg)

Vara Vara:
Winner – Venture (5.10 kg)
Runner-up – Royal Salute (5.05 kg)

Winner – Blue Girl (7.70 kg)
Runner-up – Island Star (5.90 kg)


Best Total Trolling Catch:
Winner – Blue Wave (205.40 kg)
Runner-up – Island Star (177.10 kg)

Best Total Bottom Catch:
Winner – Makwa (109.25 kg)
Runner-up – Dyab Lavwal (104.05 kg)

Best Total Overall Catch:
Winner – Dyab Lavwal (253.45 kg)
Runner-up – Lala (216.95 kg)