Destination news: Zanzibar elections will have no impact on tourism


(eTN) – The upcoming elections on the islands making up Zanzibar are not expected to have any significant impact on the tourism industry, unlike at previous elections when emotions and passion was running high and beyond. A recent change in law as a result of a referendum will give the islands a “government of national unity” to win or lose, the parties will form a government together, albeit with different weight behind them when discussing issues on the cabinet table.

The referendum was conducted peacefully, and the present election campaign, especially in previous election hotspot, Pemba, has been going well, too, giving rise to hope that next weekend’s general election will be conducted in a calm environment without giving tourists any hair-raising experiences.

Outgoing Zanzibari president, Amani Abeid Karume, has in the meantime said his goodbyes to the institutions across Zanzibar while supporting his party’s chosen successor in his final campaign days.