Travel news: Another alternative to and from Trinidad as of November 10


(eTN) – As of November 10, 2010 not only will Grenadians have another international carrier to transport them to New York, but the same airline will also have seats available for those who wish to disembark in Grenada on its forward flights and to depart on the returning trip.

Presently, only LIAT Airline provides that service, but on that date, Caribbean Airlines Ltd. will begin twice weekly (Wednesdays and Saturdays) return services from Port of Spain to Grenada and New York. The Trinidadian carrier takes over the Grenada-New York route, which commenced under the Air Jamaica banner earlier this year. With its 154 carrier, the flight is scheduled to arrive at Maurice Bishop International Airport at 6:15 am. It will then depart at 7:45 am for New York and will return the same day departing New York at 1:35 pm with a scheduled arrival time for Grenada at 7:00 pm.

Building on CAL’s commitment to increase connectivity in the region, customers will be able to travel from Piarco International Airport in Trinidad to the Maurice Bishop International Airport in Grenada and then get to JFK International Airport in the United States. This new route continues the much-anticipated expansion of CAL into the Caribbean region,” noted Caribbean Airlines CEO Captain Ian Brunton.

“The most important thing for us in Grenada is that there is now an alternative to get into Trinidad from Grenada and also return with a short period,” said chairman of the Airlift Committee Michael McIntyre who felt that this initiative by the airline will provide other opportunities for Grenada. “Our feet are in the door so it’s up to us to see the opportunities to connect to other cities such as Toronto and Miami,” he added.

Captain Brunton went on to explain the decision to have Caribbean Airlines operate the route with CAL aircraft. “We gain operational flexibility when we switch this route to operate from Trinidad. In fact, we are realizing the synergies that we spoke about earlier this year when we took over the Air Jamaica operations in May. The provision of critical connectivity from various Caribbean islands to major North American destinations is one objective that Caribbean Airlines continues to fulfill.”