Air Tahiti Nui still looking for a new CEO


Tahiti’s international airline has no chief executive officer since July. The French Polynesian government has chosen a candidate but this choice has generated much controversy.

Air Tahiti Nui board of directors will decide what should be done in the end, French Polynesia Tourism minister Steeve Hamblin said this week.

Hamblin had announced several days ago that he would like Cedric Pastour to be the next Air Tahiti Nui chief executive officer.

Pastour is the former Star Airlines CEO, a French airline based in Paris known today as XL Airways France.

But the opposition has criticized the fact that Pastour would like to have very high wages.

Some Assembly members also claimed some Air Tahiti Nui top executives could become CEO.

The last Air Tahiti Nui CEO, Christian Vernaudon, resigned last July. Air Tahiti Nui’s board of directors had elected Vernaudon as the new chief executive officer of the airline in July 2008.

This was Vernaudon’s second time in the management ranks of Air Tahiti Nui, having also served as CEO from June 2004 to July 2005.

Air Tahiti Nui, Tahiti’s only international airline, has a fleet of five Airbus A340-300 planes.

The airline celebrated 10 years of flying on Nov. 20, 2008 the anniversary of its first flight from Papeete to Los Angeles.