Located in Digby, Nova Scotia, the Bayside Inn is a picturesque, eleven-room inn overlooking the beautiful Annapolis Basin. Family-owned and operated since 1956, the Bayside Inn is Digby’s only remaining inn in continuous operation since the late 1800s. Remaining in the family for over fifty years, Bob and Theresa Marshall are the owners and operators of the Bayside Inn. As the Inn has historical and sentimental value, the Marshalls take extra care to preserve the original character and uniqueness when making all improvements and repairs and in their service to their guests.

With the need to place itself on the accommodation map, the Bayside Inn currently has two domain names for promotion: BaysideInn.travel and BaysideInn.ca. The Marshalls registered both names a couple of years ago. In was clear then that since they were located in Canada that a .ca domain name was necessary. Likewise, Bob Marshall commented on the choice to invest in a .travel name for the Bayside Inn, saying, “It just felt right and was a good idea for promoting our travel accommodations with a .travel domain.” Currently, the Marshals use the .travel address in Bayside Inn’s marketing brochures, business cards, email signatures, and a portion of their advertising.

From the Bayside Inn, one may witness the world famous Digby Scallop Fleet and the amazing Fundy tides with a rise and fall of up to thirty-two feet, twice daily. While a guest, there are plenty of activities including harbor tours, lobster fishing tours, and the world-famous, whale-watching excursions. In fact, the Inn is only a stroll away from Digby’s quaint town center with shopping, banking, seafood dining, and more.

At the Bayside Inn, the personal touch is not forgotten with homemade breakfasts every morning. The highlights are the freshly-baked breads and wild Nova Scotia blueberry muffins that are all prepared by Theresa Marshall. The breathtaking morning colors of the sun rising over the bay combined with the Bayside Inn’s breakfast is the ideal way to start one’s day before heading out to enjoy the sights and tours. After a full day of adventure or a great seafood dinner, that same view as the moon rises over the bay is true Nova Scotia beauty.

To learn more about the Bayside Inn’s eleven private rooms, sights to see, and to enjoy a delicious home-cooked full breakfast, please visit www.BaysideInn.travel.

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