Tourism this week in Latin America

ARGENTINA Aerolíneas Argentinas will connect Trelew and Sao Paulo

Tourism this week in Latin America

Aerolíneas Argentinas will connect Trelew and Sao Paulo
According to an agreement signed by the governor of Chubut, the secretary of Transportation and Aerolineas Argentinas’ general manager, the company will fly between Sao Paulo, Brazil and Trelew.

New investment made by Accor in Buenos Aires
Accor Hospitality will invest US$ 100 million in the construction of a Novotel and an Ibis in an area located in 1334 Corrientes Avenue. The Novotel will have 127 rooms, spa, convention areas and an “ecological wall “ with 21 different types of plants. The Ibis Obelisco will have 168 rooms and will be the third three-star hotel of the chain in the country.

Good quantity of reserves and not too much snow in Mendoza.
The Las Leñas complex, which had projected to open its doors on Saturday June 13th, has postponed it for a few days. The ski resorts are analyzing delaying the start of the season due to the absence of snow in the peaks of the province. Despite this fact, the provincial government estimated that this will be a good season.

More LAN flights from Montevideo
Starting July 5th, LAN will increase its flights to 13 weekly frequencies to Santiago de Chile with a new flight on Saturdays, doubling the amount of flights in Uruguay from Monday to Saturday with A318 and A320. The company will also continue with its Sunday flight with the Boeing 767-300ER.

The Gay Pride Parade received 400 thousand tourists in Sao Paulo
The 13th Edition of the LGBT Pride Parade in Sao Paulo, which was done on Sunday, received 400 thousand tourists, similar amount compared with the 2008 edition. This tourist movement generates close to R$ 190 million to the city’s economy.

Salvador will have “Ómnibus del Forró” free this month
Bahiatursa and the Bahia Tourism Secretary, in Alliance with Salvador Bus, offers this month (from the 10th to the 13th, from the 19th to the 24th and from the 26th to the 28th) the Omnibus del Forro Bus in order for the tourists to enjoy the programming of Sao Joao da Bahia, in the Pelourinho, in the Bahian Capital. The service is free with typical activities inside the bus, as well as live music. The buses leave at 7:00pm from the Stella Maris Resort , in the Stella Maris Beach, and from the Pestana Bahia Hotel, located in Rio Vermelho. The return is at midnight from the Main Square.

The Darwin Circuit in Magallanes, new Heritage route.
Commemorating 200 years of Charles Darwin’s Barth, a new heritage guide will be launched in order to promote with the tourists all the sites visited by the British naturalist in the XIX Century. The route includes all sites visited by Darwin in his journey throughout the country. These sites include the cities of Parihuano, in the IV Region, La Campana in the V Region, Chiloe in the X Region and Puerto del Hambre, Fuerte Bulnes and Navarino Island, located in the XII Region of Magallanes and in the Chilean Antartica.

The Atton Hotel has expansion plans for Peru and Colombia
The construction of a new 280-room Atton Hotel will start in two months in Lima Peru. The company is also evaluating the construction of a hotel in Bogota and in other Latin American capitals. The decision is to define the second project outside of Chile before the end of the year.

Sixth in the World ranking for high quantity of species of birds..
Bolivia has the sixth place in the World among the countries with the highest quantity of species of birds, having estimated the existence of more than 1,414 different types of birds in its territory, which means 60 % of all species in South America.

Aymara New Year at Tiwanaku
Bolivia celebrates the winter solstice by receiving the Aymara New Year, one of the celebrations with more tradition in the Andean Region. Every year, on June 21st, Tiwanaku celebrates the Holiday with the visit of thousands of tourists who come from inside and outside the country. The main event of the celebration starts when the first rays of the sun during June 21st pass through the Puerta del Sol, signaling the beginning of a new Andean Year. The year 5517 will be celebrated this year.

Inaugurates Aymara tourist route
Puno has a new tourist route that tries to become one of the most important routes in the zone. The main attraction of this route is the Titicaca Lake. The route includes a visit to the towns of Acora, Chucuito and Plateria, among others, moving towards the border with Bolívia. This will be a new alternative to the Quechua route that tourists use to visit the islands of Taquile and the Uros from the port located in the lake.

The first phase of construction of the Westin Libertador Lima is finished.
The first phase of construction of the Westin Libertador Lima was finished with the roof of the last floor of the main tower. The works will concentrate now on the placement of the curtain wall and on the finishing touches. Up to today, US$68 million was needed for its construction, being the total investment US$100 million. The end of the construction will be August, 2010, when there will be a soft opening, being inaugurated officially in November.

Less seats to Lima from Miami
American Airlines has 79 seats less in its daily flights between Lima and Miami, due to the change of one of its A300 that was used up to today, for a Boeing 757. There will be another 72 seats less in August as a result of the second change of the A300 for a Boeing 767, which will operate the evening flights.

A bus is transformed into a Mobile museum in Medellin
A bus in the city of Medellin was transformed into a mobile museum about the history of transport. The bus has pictures, parts of aircrafts, ship compasses, a 70 year old flight simulator and one of the famous black boxes.

Cruises arrive to Progreso
After 42 days of suspending the arrival of cruises to the Progreso port, the Carnival Shipping company resumed its operations to this point of the Yucatan coast with the arrival of the Holiday, which brought 1,786 visitors from the United States. The segment of the cruises industry works again with the arrival of this cruise, and there are new expectations that Carnival will increase its frequencies to Yucatan by including this destiny on its routes.

Quintana Roo would reduce hotel tariffs in order to attract tourism
The hotel sector of the south of Quintana Roo will reduce its hotel tariffs in order to attract tourism. The objective is to sacrifice earnings at a first stage, in exchange of promoting destinies with the visits that will be received and show that the Southern area of Quintana Roo is well prepared.

The Riu Group opened its US $ 115 million hotel in Mazatlan
The Government of the State of Sinaloa announced that the Riu Group opened its US $ 115 million in the resort of Mazatlan in the Mexican Pacific area. The investment of the company from Mallorca in the Riu Resort Hotel Emerald Bay has been “the biggest in the last years of tourism development in the area”. The hotel has 716 rooms and its opening reached 80 percent occupancy.

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