Russian puppets to entertain Saipan for charity


“Gogoriki” is not a name of an exotic tropical bird. This is the English name of the most popular Russian cartoon and a puppet show called “Smeshariki” (“Funny little balls”). The cute stylized rounded animals became a must-watch for Russian kids in the last few years.

This November, three of the most favorite Smeshariki characters will travel to the island of Saipan in the Pacific to perform a puppet show. They will be personalized by professional actors from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Gogoriki was invited to Saipan by the only all-inclusive resort there, Pacific Islands Club. PIC provides over 60 different types of sports and entertainment day and night for free to its guests. It is known for a place where one can have a lot of fun! Gogoriki’s performance at PIC will be the perfect addition to the resort’s entertainment program for its Russian guests. At the end of October and the beginning of November, Russian schools will be on its short autumn break, and PIC expects many Russian families to escape from the cooler weather to sunny, tropical Saipan.

Gogoriki’s trip to Saipan is not just PIC’s marketing effort to promote itself to customers in Russia during the long off season before New Year’s. The resort plans to sell tickets for each cartoon performance in order to collect funds for charity. As part of the hotel’s charity program “Sharing Seeds,” PIC supports an orphanage in a hospital in Vladivostok, Russia. There are over 100 newly-born infants and toddlers there. Previously, the resort installed two new windows, built a partition between the section and the hospital lobby, and purchased diapers for the babies. The money collected from the shows will fund the next purchase for the orphans to cover their immediate needs.

PIC has scheduled four days for the Gogoriki program from November 2-5. In the mornings, the performers will dress as their cartoon characters and lead activities for the children. All the games will be translated into English so all children are able to participate. In the evenings at the hotel’s theater, there will be also two puppet shows in Russian and two in English. PIC will invite the community’s families in addition to its English-speaking hotel guests.

As presented by 4KidsTV, which airs the Russian cartoon in its program for the US, Gogoriki is a high-energy comedy adventure starring eight decidedly distinct personalities. They are each a different color and possess different interests and temperaments. They are of different generations and come from different places. Despite all of their differences, Gogoriki always come together to laugh, learn about life, and solve seemingly insurmountable problems in ways that are creative, unexpected, and amazingly fun. Their distinctive personalities combine to ensure that each hysterical situation is filled with crazy antics, madcap mishaps, and non-stop laughs.

These unique characters do have one thing in common: they all share a core set of positive values and ideals: tolerance, respect for each other and the environment, friendship, loyalty, compassion, and peace. That makes the Gogoriki games, activities, and shows one without violence or cruelty.

PIC is pleased to host Gogoriki to Saipan for its first ever performance in Micronesia!